The act of moving your bowels.

Take a dump.
Pull over, I gotta boo.

My stomach hurts, I gotta boo.
লিখেছেন- chillifromphilli 4 de জুন de 2009
a slang term used for marijuana
hey man, you got some boo?
লিখেছেন- Lleni 13 de ডিসেম্বার de 2007
A word used by a girl to slowly choke the independence away from someone she cares about. Usually interpreted as harmless and affectionate, a significant person in your life introduces this word as a caring pet name. This is a disguise for the shackles just attached to your manhood by your girl.
"He's MY boo!"

"Hey boo, what you doin' tonight?
Spending time with me, not your boys?"
লিখেছেন- Ozoneparadise 23 de ফেব্রুয়ারি de 2007
WEED; short for budah
pass the boo
লিখেছেন- nickelnut 15 de মে de 2004
another word for marijuana.
sublime: and some of them call it boo
লিখেছেন- tokenburnout 15 de মার্চ de 2007
1. a jeer used by the audience at a performace, game, etc, to show disapproval

2. to utter the jeer mentioned above

3. marijuana

4. a supposedly frightening exclamation such as a ghost might say
When he failed to get a home run, the audience booed him.
লিখেছেন- Light Joker 23 de মে de 2006
an interjection that shows lack of interest in what one has too say.
Teacher: Okay kids! Since I'm on period today and forget too take my medications I've scheduled an hours worth of busy-work!
Students: BOO! You Suck!
লিখেছেন- stupid 30 de মে de 2004
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