1. An automobile that is in poor condition.
2. An automobile that is prone to breaking down frequently. See cadillac
Did you see that shitbox he was driving?
লিখেছেন- theseeker 10 de জুলাই de 2003
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something that is low quality or nonworking.
Jesus Fucking Christ your car is a shitbox dude.
লিখেছেন- catspleen 16 de জানুয়ারি de 2003
A car of poor quality or condition.
My friend's shitbox 92 acura will never get him pussy.
লিখেছেন- NICK3189 8 de মে de 2007
Microsoft's X-Box
I was playing my Shit-Box yesterday. I discovered 5 new buttons somewhere around the east-side.
লিখেছেন- Bastardized Bottomburp 2 de এপ্রিল de 2003
Can either be a beat up rusty old pick up truck of 2X4 or 4x4 suspension; or if you are in the military of your country it is the locker/footlocker you store your "shit", i.e. personal kit in...
eg. 1 There is a shitbox pickup truck contest on at the exhibition grounds in three weeks!!!
eg. 2 Shake out your shitboxes, and line up the contents on your bunks, plugs! Inspection in twenty six mike! the Sergeant shouted, booming....
লিখেছেন- J. Michael Reiter 14 de জুলাই de 2004
a very old and slow computer
'let me try and print from this shitbox'
লিখেছেন- Ralph Owen 18 de ডিসেম্বার de 2003
butthole or butt region
He tongue jacked her shit box
লিখেছেন- bm 10 de নভেম্বার de 2003

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