a billiards term. Refers to any occassion when a player scratches by sinking the white ball

alternate tenses: sewered, sewering
James: I can't believe I sewered on the black ball!

Jenna: clearly you aren't very good at pool
লিখেছেন- YSECBayley 12 de ডিসেম্বার de 2011
Top Definition
to do harm to another person, especially in the context of their chances with a girl
"Can you believe he told her the story about the noodles? He completely sewered me!"
লিখেছেন- nomorefun 13 de নভেম্বার de 2007
an Asshole, rectum, a place shit comes out of
She is one nasty bitch she likes it when you put your cock in her sewer. Old Betty is so nasty she will stick her tounge up your sewer hole after she gives you a blow job.
লিখেছেন- Chicago Mickey Fitz 2 de জানুয়ারি de 2010
cesspool of disgusting things, such as turds and pisswater, used syringes, and whatever the hobos keep down there.
Farley lives in the sewer, she drinks her water through used syringes and eats the poo for nourishment
লিখেছেন- Accident 28 de জানুয়ারি de 2006
Where all your shit goes.
Evan C lives in the sewer.
লিখেছেন- Hyper Girl 8 de ডিসেম্বার de 2004
Sewer –verb (used with person)
To reject or betray (someone); to treat as a scapegoat; to put out of favor or at a disadvantage.
"You told your parents I lost $5000 in Vegas? Thanks for sewering me..."
লিখেছেন- Three Card Monty 13 de ফেব্রুয়ারি de 2008
A dirty asshole where every guy throws their 'junk' into.
Dude 1: "hey have you visited the Slut's Sewer?
লিখেছেন- the man under the bridge 1 de জুন de 2011
Cool, awesome, fantastic.
That tune is so totally sewer man!
লিখেছেন- Jeremy Burns & Kirsty Munro 17 de ডিসেম্বার de 2007
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