The term, "scene," is used in several ways.

1. Another word for "subculture" that doesn't sound quite so scientific, allowing it to be used in daily conversation. Used this way it usually has an adjective modifying it: the "indy scene" or the "hardcore scene" or the "emo scene." When someone refers to a particular "scene," they're talking about everything - the people, the places, the fashion, the music, and the trends.

2. A tongue-in-cheek reference to the trends and fashions of the various scenes. Many of these subcultures were built around countercultural ideals and nonconformist attitudes; the fact that trends even exist is humorous irony, and using "scene" as an adjective originally intended to lampoon that.

3. A trend of sorts that evolved from the indy, emo, and hardcore scenes (see the first definition); basically, anything that can be sold at Hot Topic. As events like Warped Tour - and artists like Avril Lavigne - became popular, the trends and fashions of these three scenes (and a few others) were gradually amalgamized and commericalized to create the generic "scene" monkier. Someone who is "scene" generally borrows from the various subcultures and combines them together - you can tell they're part of *a* scene, but no one is quite sure *what* scene. It is important to note that this use of "scene" refers to a fashion trend - it isn't a subculture in its own right, because it has no music, venues, or attitudes of its own to live on after it loses popularity.

4. An ironic insult toward followers of the "scene" trend outlined in 3. Calling someone "scene" brings up images of Avril Lavigne, Hot Topic, Good Charlotte, and, more recently, Myspace; it implies that he or she is a fair-weather fan, conforming to be popular or to fit in. In that sense, it is related to the term poseur. It also implies being more worried about the more visible icons of a particular scene (the fashion and language, for example) than the music that the scene is founded on. Calling someone a scenester basically means the same thing.
1. Atreyu is a relative newcomer to the hardcore scene, but is developing a rabid cult fanbase.

2. Wow... a Thundercats shirt, crotch-hugging faded jeans, and a devilock... how very scene of you. Not to mention your ratty Converse shoes or your Know Your Mushrooms armband.

3. Be more scene. Shop at Hot Topic.

4. Enjoy being scene while it lasts, because Myspace isn't enough to keep it going once the next fad hits.
লিখেছেন- progamer124 6 de অগাস্ট de 2005
Scene/Scenester/Scene Kid is a person who is associated with the MUSIC SCENE, usually being hardcore/punk rock type music. Pays close attention to the latest fashion trends and usually tries to make it their own. Usually has a myspace featuring dinosaurs guns etc. Sometimes they are very elitist especially to youths who copy their personal styles.

Apearence: Tight band shirts, shirts with random pictures on them like bright dinosaurs and guns, tight girl pants, bandanas around neck and wrists, converse or skate shoes, choppy self-cut hair many times dyed/streaked, hoodies, no hats, bright colors, piercings, for most scene clothing examples

Music: Scenesters/Scene Kids are all about the music! they LOVE music with a PASSION and know tons of underground bands and listen to almost anything as long as its not too "mainstream" or too "pop/country"

Attitude: Scenesters/Scene Kids are very happy, have very high self-esteem, are very RANDOM, care alot about personal appearance, are very social, and are very stuck up, and love random things like dinasours and robots, guns and stars and whales, mudkips

Activities: Shows/Parties/Myspace where they have tons of friends, finding new music

Negativity1: Many Scenesters/Scene Kids are said to be posers, lack originality, try-hard to look like their favorite band. BUT you can say the same for ALL stereotypes, the hiphop, punk, goth, metal, jock, prep, harajuku, weeaboo, furry, pretty much any fashion following stereotypes out there

Negativity2: Others mistake Scene for Emo but they are NOT the same. Emo kids are so sad to the point of killing themselves or atleast act like it. and Emocore don't wear girl pants
SceneSchelle: SUP NIG
Anonymous: So i herd you liek MUDKIPS
SceneSchelle: OMFG you know i am nigga. UR so radd. (:
লিখেছেন- lance iss anonymouse 6 de মার্চ de 2007
1. A definition on Urban Dictionary that, for some reason, seemed to prompt prepubescent, androgynous children to post hundreds of black and white pictures of themselves wearing too much gaudy makeup with their hair covering half of their faces, and tight black clothing with obscure bands written on the t-shirts.

2. A contest that involves seeing who can get their hair to cover the most of their faces, listen to the most obscure bands, and have the most "friends" on MySpace.
Look! A picture of a black/pink-haired 15 year old girl wearing too much makeup, net stockings with a ripped skirt, lip rings, and a t-shirt with an obscure band on it on Urban Dictionary! I wonder if she's "scene" or "emo", and how many friends she has on MySpace!
লিখেছেন- One Half 25 de মার্চ de 2006
Usually deals with post-hardcore/metal people of a younger age. Also known as the coolist fuckin kids in the world.
Black hair, black clothes/tight clothes, messy/creative hairstyle. Some but not all are straightedge. Eyeliner is typically worn to local shows, and most are heavy slam-dancers, not the 'must kill everything in the pit' type.
All the cool kids you see at hardcore-metal shows who aren't destroying everything.
লিখেছেন- YourXOxSoXScene 1 de জুলাই de 2005
typical "scene" girl:

-choppy hair that looks cool on myspace, but is always greasy and pressed against her forehead in reality
-usually bleached with Paul Mitchell: Trailer Park Crack Whore color
-is a professional photographer and insists she doesn't own photoshop
-wants a septum ring but mom won't let her
-has a myspace with pictures of her in her bathroom pretending to cry or with writing on her knuckles
-says she goes to local shows all the time, but you never really see her there
-thinks boys who look as close to girls as possible are hot
-belongs to a livejournal community called "cuntxcore" or "gungunbangbang" or "murderscene". because anything involving guns, or bang, or murder, or glamour, electric, shock, lust, or cunt, she thinks is cool in everybody else's book so it's cool in her book
-often says things like "SUP NIGZ" or "KTHXBAI" or "I HATE YOU KDIE" or "IM COOLER THAN YOU K" or "SUP IM RAD" on their myspace profile
-when met by a more skilled photoshop user, the scene girl will insist this newcomer is a "Fake"
-loves dinosaurs and robots and little girl bows and headbands on one forum and then condemns dinosaurs and robots and little girl bows and headbands on another.
-theyre just obnoxious overweight middle schoolers trying to fit into a world controlled by mass marketing corporations who tell them their cheap neon pants they buy using mommy's money from hot topic are unique and LYKE TOTALLY xxh4rdXXC0R3xxx
-Oh look. the fixed definition of a scene girl.

-scene girls are just obnoxious overweight bitches online.
লিখেছেন- TB_ftw 14 de ফেব্রুয়ারি de 2010
scene kids often like to "break the mold." they think that they are the "sex" or the "shit." often love robotz and dinosawrz or say that they do. they love to say that they are thug or so siq. say radd and speak in acronyms.
scene guy dress:
short choppy black and 2+ other color hair
skinny jeans or girl jeans that they might not be able to walk in.
tight shirts that are for girls and are most likely 5 sizes to small(mainly hello kitty or random electronica bands like blood on the dance floor or dot dot curve).
tattoos at leats one place on the body
owns 2+ pairs of vans or neon colored nikes
bandanas on not necessary parts of the body

scene girl dress:
head bands
2+ colored long choppy hair
snake bites, nose rings, plugs and cartilage peircings
shirts that are 1 or 2 sizes too small for their already stick like bodys also hello kitty or electronica bands but they also wear band shirts like chiodos or dance gavin dance.
straight leg or skinny jeans that are 2 sizes too small
vans, nike, or converse shoes or flats
bracelets covering most of their arms

scene people listen to hardxcore, electronica, techno, rave or screamo music. think guys like dahvie vanity and oliver sykes are the sex(cuz they are!)
(girl)botdfxlover42: HeY nIgGa WaTs Up?

(guy)dotdotcuve966: NoThIn much playa. just saw your 200 new pics of your new hair. so the secks! u do it yo self?

botdfxlover42: hellz yea i did!!how could i trust a stylist unless its dahvie to give me such badass scene hair? just got the idea from dahvies new collection staying alive 08-09. he so siq!

dotdotcurve966: ikr? i just heard his bands new song tis the shitt.

botdfxlover42: word up! d00d u r so thug. well i g2g rape a penguin. see ya!
লিখেছেন- the alexis tragedy 7 de মার্চ de 2009
*explaination below

Many people these days have different thoughts on 'scene kids'. Many people also relate 'scene kids' to 'emo kids'. Well, let me explain them both to you.

'Scene Kids' are more in for the style, and the music. The music genre that most stick to are hardcore, metal, screamo or anything like so. Some also listen to, dance, rap, hip-hop and trance music. 'Scene kids' goto as many shows as possible to meet up with their friends, meet new 'scene kids', see their 'favourite band', and throwdown * . Music is not everything to them though. Style is also very important. The way your portray yourself will lable you a 'scene kid' or a 'n00b * '. Most 'scene kids' stick to the regular, tight pants, converse (now a days, nike hightops), band tees, colourful mo-print tees, colourful hair, colourful makeup, fair skin and headbands. Body modification is also a big part of being 'scene'. The more wierd the piercing/tattoo the more 'scene' you are. Meeting up with your 'scene friends' and saying how much 'n00bs' annoy you, drinking, doing substances, and destroying public property are a favourite passtime. 'Scene kids' also hate preppy kids...for obvious reasons.
The Rules of Being 'SCENE'
1. Having a lot of x's in your name are not scene.
(x's are for straightXedge kids, n00bs, and emo kids)
2. Adding every 'scene kid' on myspace isn't scene.
3. Scene nicknames are a must on myspace.
(Sarah Slaughter, Marissa Murder, Alex Autopsy etc..)
4. 'Scene kids' must goto shows.
5. 'Scene kids' always say they aren't scene.
(if you say your scene, your a n00b.)
6. Doing illegal things is 'cool'
(breaking the law is risky, looking like a rebal give you scene points)
7. Having a lot of colours in your hair makes you scene and 'unique'
8. Teased hair is okay, unless its unbelievably teased.
(having hair that is too teased, makes you seem like a 'n00b')
9. Hello Kitty, Dinosaurs, and other 'cute' animals are very scene.
10. Photography, Poetry, Painting, Drawing and every other artistic thing is scene

'Emo Kids' are emotional. They are not happy with the world, are heartbroken, cut and cry. These kids get made fun of a lot, which makes them even more emotional. Writing poems about how depressed you are, is very 'emo'. Wearing only black, and not having any colours is very 'emo'. Heavy black make-up is very 'emo' because when you cry, people know. 'Emo kids' do not care that everyone knows how emotional they are, they actually prefer it.

*N00b; Posers. These kids wear colourful socks, have little children backpacks, and usually have un-'scene' hair. They call themselves 'scene' which is not very scene at all.
*Throwdown; Hardcore Dancing. A bunch of kids in a mosh pit, waving their arms around, spin-kicking and doing a lot of other harmful 'hardcore' dance moves.
Scene Kids are also related to:
Emo Kids
Raver Kids
Hardcore Kids
& Goth Kids
লিখেছেন- SammySlaughter 17 de জুলাই de 2008
most scene kids are basically kids that have turned from the emo path to that of the hardcore music scene. they go from listining to fake emo bands like taking back sunday, to truly hardcore bands like bane, death before dishonor, and really any other hXc band that are from boston, or local that they think is cool. they originally started being truly different from the hardcore scene until more ppl started joining their little wanna-be hardcore scene, until it enveloped part or all of a local scene. they started being non-conformists till everyone in their scene and the scenes across the country started to look the same. everything is tight, although b/f they came it mostly was. most shirts are very emo-esque, with a mix of h.s. and middle school/thrift shop/fake vintage shirts.they wear make-up, gender matters not. they take millions of pics at crazy angles. they cut their own hair in a choppy shag fashion and dye it crazily, and take care of it for hours. it is very easy to tell a scene kid from someone who is truly hardcore; it is very sad the state the current scene is in.
(gender=either)wears tight girl jeans, tight rolling stones vintage t-shirt, crazy style and color hair that took hours to do, cig in mouth, says stuff like "yo nig", and most of the pictures related with the definition.(esp. the blonde scene dude w/blue eyeliner)
লিখেছেন- one for the boys 15 de সেপ্টেমবার de 2005
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