Posers are extremely insecure people, usually teenagers and maybe a bit younger (11 or 12). Posers are extremely annoying, and pretend constantly, always putting on an act and pretending to be something they are not. In my opinion, a poser is like a tryhard, but is more concerned with being part of a scene (emo, goth, punk).
One of the most annoying things a poser does is pretend to be into a band. I had an msn conversation with a poser once.
it was like this:
i like Jimmy Eat World
yeah theyre great... whats your favourite song?
oh i cant really remember any songs off their album
you dont even know Jimmy Eat world you're a poser

that my friends, is a poser.
POSER: omfg my life sucks </33
ME: why?
POSER: just cause
ME: why???
POSER: i dont wanna talk about it
ME: you fucking poser emo
লিখেছেন- annag 1 de ডিসেম্বার de 2006
Someone who doesn't fit perfectly into a stereotype, and therefore is called a poser. Someone doesn't have to be "posing" to be a poser; they don't have to claim to be a certain stereotype. If you try to be yourself, you will be labeled a poser.
She listens to Panic! At the Disco and she shops at Abercrombie. What a poser!
লিখেছেন- Maddie62 27 de অক্টোবার de 2006
commonly used in the skate world
someone who cant be kool
so they just follow what the kool people do
and hope it works for them

BEGINNERS AND POSERS... im just to lazy to explain it
i tend to call them faggots
someone who buys a skateboard... and couldnt ride it if they tried just carry it around to look kool

poser goth who wheres all black all the time and thinks they have to hate everything

anyone who calls themselves SCENE... basicly poser emos
লিখেছেন- my first job... was a blowjob 17 de সেপ্টেমবার de 2006
trendys who wear glittery tshirts saying 'the ramones' 'ac/dc' and 'the rolling stones' with their designer clothings, who the think they are cool even they its obvious they havent heard a single song by that bad.
she thinks so cool wearing a 'iron maiden' shirt with her D&G sunglasses, tis blates she listens to RnB, what a poser.
লিখেছেন- [|oH|nO|mISS|tRADEGY|] 16 de অগাস্ট de 2006
they wear mini skirts and g-unit clothing because they live in great neck(which is in ny) and they have to in order to fit into where they live but because they heard 3 singles by fall out boy they swear up and down that their punks can you name any other song that isn't a single? NO DIDNT THINK SO...and then they pretend to b ghetto..but they get rejected there as well...and when nothing else works..they become "emo" emphasis on the " ".......just shut ur mouth and b who u are...and if u dont know and u follow a crowd..2 bad 4 u sucker
omg jenny...have u heard that song "dance dance" that song is like sooo effing amazing....if i walk into school singing that near the punks they'll TOTALLY except me

*next day after she attempts this the punks talk together*

who the fuck is she? my god..shes such a poser...
omg jenny being punk didn't work..so let me try being gangster..i'll wear baby phat and g-unit clothing!! they'll TOTALLY except me

*next day after she attempts this the gangstas talk together*
who the fuck is she? shes such a poser..

omg jenny being gangster didnt work either!!!! i guess ill have to be emo now and make up problems so that mayb SOMEBODY WILL LIKE ME.

*she attempts this again(notice a pattern?) and well...*
omg..shes a poser..she doesnt have any real problems she has tons of money..that bitch..
লিখেছেন- Tay!Tay! 11 de জুন de 2006
An insecure child who tries very hard to be something besides being themselves.

Nowadays, most kids are posing as punks/goths/emos/skaters by dressing like them, acting like them, and sharing the same interests as them. Since so many kids are doing this, its very difficult to tell the difference between a real goth and a poser goth.

Here's a more specific definition:

Posers can be quite vicious. They pick on many people, most of who haven't done anything to them.
VICTIM #1: Real punks/goths/emos/skaters. Posers usually call them posers because they want a self-esteem boost. They want to be more goth than the goths, or more punk than the punks are. But lemme tell you posers out there, if you posing as a punk( Im going to use punk as an example because there are more punk posers than other posers) and the only reason you think you are is because you buy all of your apparel at Hot Topic and think Good Charlotte is cool only because you think Benji Madden looks hot in liberty spikes, you have no right to call someone who is a real punk, someone who is really anti-establishment and is all about the music, a poser.

VICTIM #2: Anyone else who is not trying to be punk/goth/emo/skater and is interested in the same things as they are. For example, if a poser who thinks he/she is a goth because they wear no other color but black sees someone wearing black capris, they call them a poser because apparently to them, goths are the only people that are ever allowed to wear black. So what if they like black too! Goths aren't the only ones who are allowed to wear black.

So basically, a poser is someone who claims they are punk/emo/goth/skater and go around calling other people with the same interests as them posers because they claim they're "stealing their interests" and also to make themselves seem more punk/emo/goth/skater.

I hope my furious rant plainly explained to you what a true poser is.
One poser called me a poser just because I like checkers and the color red. That is a load of bullshit.
লিখেছেন- ~L!zZ!3~ 22 de মার্চ de 2006
A dumbass word used by dumbass people who think you have to skateboard or do drugs to wear anything that says hurley or quiksilver.
skateboarders constantly drive the last remaining decent human beings over the edge by calling them posers.
লিখেছেন- Jacobrk 25 de ফেব্রুয়ারি de 2006
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