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slang for father
Dear Paw, I'll be home soon. Don't warn mom.
#father #daddy #parent #hand #mom
লিখেছেন- etzelet 4 de সেপ্টেমবার de 2010
Furrie slang for masturbation.
Person one: Ugh. I haven't pawed in so long.

Person two: Then go!
লিখেছেন- yoniz2 28 de মে de 2005
paws is another word for your hands.
boy! it's cold out here! my paws are freezing!
#hand #finger #nail #thumb #pinky
লিখেছেন- petiteash 18 de জানুয়ারি de 2006
The past tense of "pee" meaning to urinate, piddle, whiz, or piss. Similar to the past tense of "see" being "saw", and "peed" being an improper way to change to the past tense.
Dude, last night in the middle of all that beer pong, i paw like 80 times in loui's kitchen sink.
#piss #whiz #pee #peed #p'd
লিখেছেন- Keith "spoon" Paddeu 22 de জুলাই de 2007
The bottom of your feet.
I've been walking so much my paws are hurtin'.
#feet #hands #body part #toes #legs
লিখেছেন- Awesomecrayola 22 de ডিসেম্বার de 2009
A girl/fan who is in love with Paul from "Boys Like Girls"-guitar, Alex from "All Time Low" -singer ,and Will from "Cartel"-singer at the same time
Michelle faith is so in love with P.A.W
#boys like girls #cartel #all time low #alex #will #paul #love #extremely dedicted
লিখেছেন- michelle faith 23 de ফেব্রুয়ারি de 2008
Short for Pint After Work. Perfect to catch up with your work buddies which you may not have seen over the weekend. There is not a best day for a PAW, any day is good. Sometimes a Monday, sometimes a Thursday, the important part is that it is a moment for you to enjoy a beer with your work mates.
Dude, you need to tell me about your long weekend trip!! Let's grab a PAW today.
#beer #mates #catch-up #pint #work #paws
লিখেছেন- canariankiddo 17 de জুন de 2014
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