The spoiled, sheltered youth that prance around with their fancy scarves pretending to be bohemians and such. The modern equivalent of the "college rock alternative kids" of the 90's.

Hipsters don't stand for a damned thing, just their own fashion and image. All of the music is just a bunch of bullshit about their high school level emotions or some dumb bitch that made them go "waaa waaa". There is so much bullsh*t in this society in the past and today and none of them will just grow balls and stand up to challenge anything. They would rather just walk around smugly thinking that their B.A. makes them great thinkers and artists while they withdraw from the world that actually needs change. Until they actually do something to help our culture and stop sitting around like a bunch of damned pussies whining and playing shit music, they are just in the way to be honest.
Hippies at least had the balls to stand up for something. Now the kids are too busy with their Iphones and Facebook. What a bunch of silly, immature bullshit!!!

-This definition was not made by me, but by a user on Yahoo Answers named Ol' Flappyjack McGee. I definitely agree with his definition of hipster.
লিখেছেন- Striker122 19 de ফেব্রুয়ারি de 2010
someone, usually a teenager or 20something, who adheres to a counterculture ranging from indy-rockers to neo-hippies to skaters. they tend to define themselves by the music they listen to, and the outlandish clothes they wear. hipsters are opposed to other countercultures like goths, metal-heads, and gangstas, and they also avoid preps, eurotrash, white trash, and jocks
question: why does he only listen to bands that are never played on the radio?
answer: he's a hipster
লিখেছেন- minghi 26 de এপ্রিল de 2003
Not to be confused with Scenester (largely involved with emo, hardcore, and post-hardcore) or Indie-Rocker (self-explanatory), hipsters are normally thin middle class 18-25 year olds who listen various styles of independent music, which is rarely rock oriented (though nu-grunge, nu-psych, and metal are making a comeback).

The female fashion ranges from largely thrifted vintage looking clothing to elaborately designed obscure fashion designers (Dries, Anne D, etc.); the men often use similar styles, wearing tapered jeans most of which are black (though sagged dropped crotch jeans are the new thing), oversized shirts (opposite of the misnomer that extremely tight t-shirts are hipster, as they are definitively scenester), dress shoes or high top sneakers and large rimmed glasses.

Politically hipsters are generally apathetic, but recently as the hipster bible Vice has shifted politically from the right to the left, the hipster mass has followed. The rise of 90s revival culture has also brought back the use of marijuana and X and has replaced cocaine, though the ever popular PBR and American Spirit Cigarettes remain popular.

Overall, hipsters can be characterized by their relatively carefree and iconoclastic lifestyles, their adherence to debauchery and sexual freedom, and the intake of drugs and alcohol.
I went to the juke club and to my surprise, the place was filled with hipsters.
লিখেছেন- Sludged 4 de সেপ্টেমবার de 2007
A pretentious person who thinks s/he is cultured and often superior to others simply because s/he listens to indie music, watches art films, and drinks overly expensive coffee at coffee houses that are often crowded with other hipsters. Most often they possess an economically worthless degree in something like philosophy, liberal arts, or history that they earned at a junior college or satellite university. They waste most of their disposable income on albums, cigarettes, and/or going to crappy shows. They often follow issues surrounding liberal topics and are typically very liberal themselves, often to the point of being very narrow-minded (though they think they're the most open-minded people). They delude themselves to the point of thinking they're more refined than everyone else when they're really just pseudo-intellectuals who need to stop wearing used clothing and take showers more often.
That hipster in my creative writing class always criticizes my poems. That $6 coffee he gets every morning must be rotting his brain.
লিখেছেন- Mr. Tnom Snrub 28 de অগাস্ট de 2008
Hipster: (up-to-date summer 2009)

Used to be a pure American phenomenon but is now quickly spreading through the monster that is corporate advertising.

Hipsters are people who THINKS they are the counter culture, usually in the 20s sometimes into their late 30s. Usually have poor speech abilities and are easy to intimidate. They are not the counter culture/ revolution because they are just as consumerist as ever, the only thing that makes them unique is that they are self loathing in true nature.

Their clothing consists of bright mismatched colors and or ironic t-shirts and almost always tight jeans and fresh kicks. Sometimes they can be spotted walking around with factory made silkscreen frames around art schools. Glasses is not a requirement by if they wear a pair is always going to be a pair of dark framed plastic designer glasses. Hair is not as strict as well now that more people are negatively judging hipsters, many hide their true hipster by mixing it up. Iconic "bangs" are now disappearing as most hipsters don't want to be judged as a stupid fuck at first glance.

Hipsters always own a facebook page and have tons of pictures of themselves on their profile, shot/photoshop with artsy yet cheesy mentality in order to be ironic yet gain attention. In short, they are mostly lonely but don't have the balls to fight it.

Hipsters can be found congregating at freebie events, especially art openings and so-called indie concerts because they simply are too lazy to work/ get their hands dirty (except when they build up musk for the hipster look/scent) to get money to pay for anything.

They are required to own/ride a "fixed gear bicycle" and those who are not up-to-style or are not knowledgeable are likely to be identified quickly and disregarded by the greater hipster community. But this will only make that person even more of a hipster wannabe. High-end hipsters uses their parent's or hard earn intern dollars on Fuji bikes(~$700) or Chrome gear (~100+) while low end hipsters buy SE Drafts (~$300) and bullshit messenger bags(~$20-). They almost ride entirely with no brakes, this is not to be confused with someone trying to be a clown in the circus; they simply wanted the bike to be light and have nothing that can be stolen; which often lead to crashes and permanently damaged knees. Those who are weasels ride "freewheel" and with often front brakes, those are the most self-loathing hipsters that doesn't go all the way but still want to be a hipster. Also, most chop their handlebars so short so they can squeeze through two busses that they can barley control it anywhere even if its a wide open lane.

While they are self-described free-thinking intellectuals these hipsters are often off-the-rack as can be, some even dare to buy designer "thrift-store-look" clothing and gears with more often their parent's money than their own.

Their musical taste is only there to prove their love for a time that is not their own; 80s music for example. Hipsters are so lost they don't really believe in much of anything or know what to do with their lives so they hope to attach themselves to something that was once "great", usually something weird and alienating but easy enough so they don't have to try too hard to copy (such as Punk).

Hipsters are always an art major/drop out at some point and mostly had been an intern at a major city like NYC for some crook commercial "artist".

They hang in packs because of their low self esteem and often smoke/drink a certain brand of cigarettes and alcohol but because of recent global scrutiny some are cracking under pressure and begin doubting their own culture, their embarrassment or defiance can be felt through their speech and look; they either go all out on their look and pompous speech or they easily crack under even the slightest visual scrutiny by a passer-by.

to be continually updated until hipsterdom is history...
Did you see what that mutha-fucking hipster did just now? He just got on his fucking hip-wagon of a bike by flipping his twig of a leg wrapped in skin tight jeans over those fucking tiny handle bars, what a fucking loser.... look! he tripped on his own bike hahahahaha!
লিখেছেন- singleservingfrd 28 de অগাস্ট de 2009
The modern Bohemians. A mid-twenties person who works at a low paying job, is interested in "Artsy things" Hipsters tend to swarm around the determined "Hipster" part of town, ex. Wicker Park in Chicago. Hipster Ladies should have short hair and wear thrift shop clothes and Male Hipsters should be anemically skinny to let people know that they are poor and cant afford enough food.
When I grow up I want to live in a studio apartment in Wicker Park and work at Starbucks, it would be cool being a Hipster.
লিখেছেন- Alex 11 de অগাস্ট de 2004
drinks a lot of pabst blue ribbon and coffee, smokes parliaments, has a septum ring, listens to indie rock and some classic rock and hip hop such as the wu tang clan and talib kweli. goes to art school. wears square scarves and plaid fannel shirts. interested in photography, art, and foreign films. likes to go to hipster clubs and dance to girl talk all night.

girls: dramatically side swept bangs, oversized sunglasses or regular fake glasses, super skinny jeans with keds. might possibly have large ear gauges. wears berets.

boys: slightly long messy hair that hasn't been washed in two weeks, wears nike dunks, has a chest tattoo with some dumb saying in latin, probably an alcoholic
from my personal experience with all my hipster friends, they really like PBR and 40s.
লিখেছেন- kelzzzzzzz 15 de মে de 2009

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