The "diff" is a new stat that has been added to every NBA scoreboard. Because there too many stupid black fans ( a few white ones too) who can not add or subtract quickly in their heads.
Stupid black fan: 'cuse me, let me ax you dis, how much is we winning by?

Smart white fan: look at the "diff" on the scoreboard, the "diff" was added for stupid fans like you!

Stupid black fan: otay
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লিখেছেন- whitey from cuyahoga hts 28 de নভেম্বার de 2010
A person who is willing to
A ho...skank..or just someone who'll lick their lips
while droppin it to the floor
Ashley: Hey invite her to your party

Jessica: Hell no..shes such a d.i.f.f., she'll probably
dance on the tables and take everyone back to her hotel..that ho
#nasty #skank #save-a-ho #trick #drop it
লিখেছেন- D.I.F.F. Headquarters 10 de জুলাই de 2008
Short for "different", a negative term used to describe someone or something in a derogatory manner. Like there is "bad naked", this is definitely "bad different"!
"Why are you spazzin' out? You are being totally diff!"

"Oh my God, I cannot believe I dated him back in the day; he is completely diff."

"Yeah, I didn't really like that movie much."

"You're right, it WAS kinda diff."

"For the love of God, stop being so diff."
#different #unusual #peculiar #retarded #spazz #diffest
লিখেছেন- copel008 2 de নভেম্বার de 2009
txt slang
email slang
i will have a lot of difficulties making that party next saturday
লিখেছেন- pablo stevenano 6 de জুন de 2005
dimm, spasticated person
what a fuck are you doing you diff?
লিখেছেন- ilya 31 de ডিসেম্বার de 2003
A "different" person. Normally a frequent patron of any thrift store in the area. One trying so hard to be different that they are in fact just like all the other kids that are different.
kid 1 "Hey look at that dude in the yellow pants and Gumby shirt."
kid 2 "Yeah, he's a total diff."
kid 1 "Dude I want a Ted Dibiase Shirt."
kid 3 "You diff."
#clash dresser #poser #douche #diff a liff #nickel nuggets
লিখেছেন- Charlie Grinders 16 de নভেম্বার de 2005
a large butt.
short for differential gear on a vehicle which is also seen from behind.
she has a bit of a diff on her.
#butt #bubble butt #junk in trunk #hugh jazz #fat ass
লিখেছেন- mikehunt8710 8 de জানুয়ারি de 2006
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