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Short for "panty wadder" - someone who is a sissy and likes to bitch and moan about everything.
My friend Doug is a gigantic king kamehameha wadder.
লিখেছেন- dungeonmistress 28 de ডিসেম্বার de 2009
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1. the act of ejaculation

2. get drunk
1. oh yeah im about to wadder

2. Me and my friends are gonna go wadder this weekend
লিখেছেন- notthomaswalkeredwards 26 de ফেব্রুয়ারি de 2008
people who wad their toilet paper ( usually women) as opposed to folding ( usually Men)
Please don't wad and clog up our shitter.
লিখেছেন- dell 22 de জানুয়ারি de 2005
opposite of a folder
dude that guy is such a wadder
লিখেছেন- miking 26 de এপ্রিল de 2006

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