SALSA is an acronym that stands for either "Spanish American Latin South American" or "South American Latin Spanish American". It defines the music and dance styles originating in New York City's Latin-American communities in the 1970's and later.
See entry number 5, above.
We had a ball in the snack bar at F.I.T. with The Gigmeisters dancing to SALSA all day long !
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Top Definition
A popular form of Latin-American dance music, characterized by Afro-Caribbean rhythms, Cuban big-band dance melodies, and elements of jazz and rock. It represents the ongoing evolution and assimilation of a variety of styles which have traveled from Cuba and Puerto Rico to New York, Miami, and elsewhere. The big bands which blazed forth in city dance halls and on New York's famous Fania label in the mid-1960s used rhythm sections and a compositional structure based in the son music style. But they ultimately added fiery horn sections and jazz harmonies, landing squarely in the samba tradition. South and Central America developed their own appetites for Salsa, contributing to its growth through the trailblazing work of artists like Panama's Ruben Blades and Cuba's Celia Cruz.
Salsa: Jaun Luis Guerra, Pedro Conga, Tito Rojas, Maelo Ruiz, Rey Ruiz, Frankie Ruiz, Johnny Rivera, Ismael Rivera, Puerto Rican Power, Dark Latin Groove Aka DLG, Legacia De La Salsa, Yuri Buenaventura, La India, Pedro Jesus, El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico, Tito Nieves, Roberto Roena, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Cheo Feliciano, Willie Colón, Willie Rosario, Jerry Rivera, Sonora Carruseles, Joe Arroyo, Conjunto Chaney, Luis Enrique, Oscar D'Leon, Danny Rojo, Ruben Blades, Guayacan Orquesta, Tony Vega, Victor Manuelle, Edgar Joel, David Cedeño, Eddie Santiago, Edwin Bonilla, Adolescent's Orquesta, Fania All-Stars, Celia Cruz, Willie Gonzalez, Hector Lavoe, and César Pedroso.
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The musical way to get a good looking girl's clothes off.
"My salsa makes all the pretty girls want to dance and take off their underpants, my salsa! ...where'd everybody go?" - Eminem
লিখেছেন- B'man 7 de মে de 2004
1: A spanish dip served with tortilla chips
2: Spanish for "sauce". Duh.
Guy 1: This party is just 1% incomplete.
Guy 2: Why?
Guy 1: We need some salsa.
Guy 2: Back of the fridge.
লিখেছেন- Sean Ryan 8 de মার্চ de 2006
1. Cuban-rooted style of dancing that is considered awesome. Salsa comes hand in hand with a particular style of dancing which can come from Cuba, Los Angeles, New York, Puerto Rico, or Casino style which was also originated in Cuba near the 1960's.

Leading Salsa singers are Celia Cruz, Willy Chirino, and others.

Salsa is the main style of music at latin music discos and clubs specially in Miami.

When performed correctly, the dance of salsa can look very awesome.

The style of music and dancing has it's roots in Cuba and they have extended to other parts of Latin America, however, the originators of the style and the roots are still held by Cubans.
I was dancing salsa yesterday and it was lots of fun.
লিখেছেন- Yarian 23 de মে de 2006
a lively, vigorous type of contemporary Latin American popular music, blending predominantly Cuban rhythms with elements of jazz, rock, and soul music.
a ballroom dance of Puerto Rican origin, performed to this music, similar to the mambo, but faster with the accent on the first beat instead of the second beat of each measure.
Mexican Cookery . a sauce, especially a hot sauce containing chilies.
Dorothy: I like salsa music
Kevin: What The Fuck?
Dave: Can you break dance?
Gabe: No, but I can salsa.
Adrian: That's some damn good salsa Lauren
Megan: My name is Megan...
Eminem: "I'm the lead singer in my band and get all the girls to take off their underpants"
লিখেছেন- SantaMOD 26 de ফেব্রুয়ারি de 2011
Salsa is not from Cuba as mentioned above. It is a term that refers to both different styles of dance and latin music. The term was created as a way of classifying a multitude of genres of music from latin america for an uninitiated American consuming public. What we now know as salsa music and dance originated in New York from a combination of various Latin rhythms (from Cuba and Puerto Rico in particular as well as others), as well as some U.S. genres like Jazz, primarily by Latinos (again Puerto Ricans and Cubas in particular) as well as other ethnic groups (i.e. African-Americans and Jews).
You'll find the some of the best salsa music by anyone that was on the Fania label.
লিখেছেন- Una Salsera 8 de জুন de 2005
1. a sexual conspiracy. Salsa=sex
based on the Fiesta salsa recipe directions "Screw band firmly just until a point of resistance is met."
Particularly a reference among band kids.

2. the act of referring to acts of salsa with names of sauces based on degree.
1. One time, at band camp, nothing happens at band camp, except Tim, Tim happens at band camp. Tim and Salsa.

2. I really like mango salsa, you know, exotic? I hate wasabi, you know, it just hurts? And ranch? Fluffy and sweet. It's mango salsa that's the good stuff.
লিখেছেন- Kloverfield 2 de ডিসেম্বার de 2011
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