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Short for 'facebook wall post'. Typically said if you are inebriated. Short for 'facebook' and 'post' : fost
Guy1 "Hey.. did you see that fost from Kristina?!?!"
Guy2 "Yea.. that's wayyy too much facebook drama for me."
লিখেছেন- bmac1 2 de জুলাই de 2009
Like fisting, but better
Fost me Daddy
লিখেছেন- Fosting 5 de জুলাই de 2016
An extra miniature leprechaun smoking obscene amounts of crack cocaine.
yo man check out that Fost man hes crazy.
লিখেছেন- Brick Fost 20 de জানুয়ারি de 2011
another word for crazy awesome
That Rolling Stones concert was SO fost!
লিখেছেন- batmanlover345 2 de জুলাই de 2015
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