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You, right now.
You guys are Bitches
লিখেছেন- Mr. Skrillex 11 de নভেম্বার de 2013
Girls or guys who think the world revolves around them.
Those girls were such bitches, complaining and about someone quietly playing their guitar in the next room despite having loud sex frequently.
লিখেছেন- Starships_Lazerguns 3 de নভেম্বার de 2013
something that is annoying, stupid, bothersome, and just plain dumb.
fundraising videos can be such a bitch.
লিখেছেন- bob barker II 12 de নভেম্বার de 2011
A girl who trys to "keep it real" too much but ends up coming off as a mean jerk. A bitch has a couple fake friends who she could loose at any second and she usually never realizes this. Every grade has a popular bitch who everyone pretends to like.
girl1: You know that Lucy Stuart girl?

girl2: YEAH shes a bitch! She told me my shirt was ugly because she wanted to keep things real, even though she still talks shit about everyone.
girl1:Yeah. Whatever, what goes around comes around bitches!
লিখেছেন- youknowyouloveme123 19 de মার্চ de 2011
1. A female dog. A term commonly used by breeders.

2. A disgustingly annoying and/or verbally abusive woman.

3. Someone whom you see as either beneath you, or almost like your servant. (Also see bitch boy.)

4. A derogatory term for any woman.

5. A Beth.

6. Strawman women
1. "That looks like a good bitch over there."
"I know. I plan on breeding her with my top show dog."

2. "Eww, you're going to have her babysit your kids?? But she's such a bitch! I can't -stand- her!-"

3. "Hey, bitch. Go make me a sandwich."

4. "Yeah, she's a real fine bitch. I'm gonna try and get her to go all the way tonight."

5. "That bitch didn't her ex she was pregnant with his kid.'
"Wow, she's a real Beth..."

6. "My girlfriend turned into such a bitch... She said she was a nymph, but we haven't had sex in weeks, and I've been bending over backwards for her..."
'"Dude, she's a Strawman woman. Get rid of her."
লিখেছেন- Hellius Don Remaro Forte 23 de ডিসেম্বার de 2010
bitches a are very simple yet very annoying. some bitches dont give you shit, when other will give you everything and anything you fucking want. most of them just spend all your mother fucking money. the money that you earned by working hard , and then they go spend it on dumb shit that they dont even wear.
shit this nigga just showed up with 5 bitches, he must be doin something right.
লিখেছেন- bitches expert 19 de সেপ্টেমবার de 2010
the word BITCH is a lot of the time used in a sentance.The real definition for the term bitch is a female dog!!!!!so really when somebody calls another human being a bitch there actually calling them a female dog!!when people do use it in a sentance it normally is ment to call someone a bitch which could mean ass-hole;meany head;but face and pooplicker
hey sammy your a big big bitch(your a big big female dog)and i really hate you
লিখেছেন- the man who put things where t 30 de মার্চ de 2010
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