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Possibly the most hypocritical country in the world. Examples of this are:
1. Saying: All men are created equal, and yet continuing to enslave and persecute others.
2. You have the right to religious freedom: exept for everything but christianity.
3. You have the right to remain silent. Now would you rather i beat the living shit out of you or are you going to talk.
4. Police shall not discriminate: Look that black guy is coming out of that huge house, and he has pictures of him and his family all over: search the premises for a hog tied white family.
5. Freedom of speech= if you disagree with any of my policicies your a comunist.
6. Freedom to life liberty and the pursuit of happyness: all of you japanese get the hell out.
7. Freedom of expression: exept for you gays: no gay sex no marriaige.
8. Freedom in general: we will now institute a random bag check, now here is a list of names: what it somehow isn't random if there are 14 arabs and a blonde on the list.

Makes you really apreciate the value of the american dream doesn't it.
America: bringing democracy to the world, whether they like it or not
#hypocrite #pursuit of happyness #usa #5th ammendment #amrican dream
লিখেছেন- Iceberg1031 17 de মে de 2007
A person who keeps you in check. In other words a friend who keeps you from fucking up. Similar to a sponsor

Originally from an episode of South Park called "Cartman sucks"
Dude you were supposed to be my accountabilabuddy instead you got drunk, bought 15 hookers, married 4 of them, and then had sex with a horse. Why didn't you bring me?
#sponsor #south park #cartman #you bastard you killed kenny #blow job
লিখেছেন- Iceberg1031 17 de মে de 2007
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